Keiichiro Furukado


その場の雰囲気をファンタスティックに変容させる作品群は、スーパーラウンジアートとして評価が高い。 その作風は多岐にわたるが、アクリル板、工業用インク、建材壁紙等、現代のマテリアルをアナログ的な手法で巧みに操り、作品を生み出し続ける。

Born in 1971, in Kanagawa, Japan, and earned his B.A. degree (1996) and Master degree in fine arts (1998) from Tokyo University of Arts.

Not content to be confined to gallery spaces, his works are exhibited extensively in the everyday-accessible public and commercial spaces; cafes, restaurants, and shops, which are the fabric of the urban environment.
The atmosphere of these spaces are transformed by his fantastical works, which are now highly acclaimed as "Super Lounge Art." With a style that bridges many genres, materials, such as acrylic sheets, industrial inks, and commercial wallpapers, are used, blending these contemporary materials skillfully to continually give birth to new works of art.